MSCS, Interactive Intelligence, Georgia Tech, 2019
AS, Computer Programming, Santa Monica College, 2016
BA, Japanese Studies, UCSD, 2006

Companies I have worked for:

Riot Games, Inc.
Pocket Gems
NaturalMotion / Zynga
Keywords Studios / Alchemic Dream


Vinterhouse Vintage

Vinterhouse Vintage is my e-commerce website that uses the Shopify CMS. I buy and sell vintage Vivienne Westwood clothing as a side hobby. This site requires CMS theme management and SEO skills.


Lauran.Fashion is my fashion blog spanning between the years of 2004~2018. It currently runs on

Safety Awareness Training VR

I developed Safety Awareness Training VR as a short demo for my Educational Technology class in grad school. With this app, I explore Unity game development using the Steam VR api and 3D assets from the Unity asset store.

Healthy Heart

Another one of my grad school projects was working with the health care standard FHIR. In a group of 5 remote team members, we created a web application that calculates your heart health. My role was primarily secondary Project Manager, UI/Wireframe Design, and QA/Testing.

Between the years 2004~2007, I was both a member and admin of the social media and fashion website named This website was primarily a social media hub and photo sharing community for fans of the Japanese fashion style called Lolita Fashion also known as Elegant Gothic Lolita. Unfortunately, this website was taken down shortly after I relinquished administrative rights in 2007 to begin a teaching career in Tokyo, Japan. Some historical information can be found on